There’s an App for that- the apps you need to make your 2020 easier!

We all are familiar with the balancing act we get into when owning a small business. Let’s be honest things can get busy and overwhelming at the best of times. There are simple ways we can take some of the stress off and have things run a bit smoother. Here are some apps to use in 2020 to help.


Communication is key both at home and when working or owning a small business. Effective communication allows improvement in productivity on all levels and is critical in making things run smoothly. There are some great apps out there that help bridge the communication gap so everyone can be on the same page.

  • Addappt – This app gives you the ability to manage your contacts seamlessly. When your friends, family or business contacts update their information the changes automatically update in your phone, keeping you up to date on any communication changes. This app also gives you the ability to organize your contacts into groups, and send group messages, making it easy to keep everyone in the know!
  • Fuze – This app is unique in its videoconferencing feature where it allows you to host online meetings from any device (tablets, phone, computer etc.). Quality is key as this app provides high-definition video and clear audio. With easy download and setup this app is user friendly to all!
  • Slack – This app is one of the leading instant messaging platforms. It allows you to organize your team’s conversations into separate private or public channels or send direct messages to an individual. That’s not all, this user-friendly app makes it easy to drag and drop images, PDFS and other files directly into your chats. Its one of a kind system automatically archives any message or file so you can go back to it at anytime. With no limit to the number of users you can add this app is perfect for business owners.

Time Management/ Project Management:

As we all know time is something we never seem to have enough of. Project management and time often go hand in hand. Being able to meet deadlines and divide the work load is crucial in having your business run smoothly. Here are some of the best time-management and project management apps to help organize your schedule and keep you focused on what’s important improving productivity.

  • Rescuetime – A helpful time management app that automatically tracks the time you’ve spent on applications and websites, and sends you a detailed report based on your activity. Half of the battle with time management is you don’t know where your time has gone. With these detailed reports you are able to see an accurate picture of how your day is spent. With its simple system you can set alerts to notify you when you’ve spent a certain amount of time on one task/activity. Rescuetime also gives you the ability to set blocked times for distracting websites or applications such as social media.
  • Asana – Every business wants to improve its collaboration and management. Look no further then this app. This web-based and mobile app lets you view all tasks and projects in one place. Simply create your project boards and manage your projects with ease. You can share notes, upload files, change dates and communicate with out even touching your email. Assign tasks to specific employees, create timelines and due dates, and schedule check in points. Asana integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, Zoho, Dropbox, and slack making this app simple for all users.
  • Proven – We all know hiring and finding employees can be a daunting task that takes up so much of our time. This app helps you organize your hiring. Post job listings on multiple job boards with just a click of a button. Sort through resumes by using the unique filtering system. Send out responses in seconds, and add notes and follow up information to each application with ease. This app is ideal for companies that have sporadic hiring needs or the budding entrepreneur that has to juggle many business tasks. Save time on hiring with this innovative app.



Being a business owner, you have many balls in the air. Tracking and recording information is key to running a successful business, but its not always that simple. Here are a few applications to help with the day to day tracking.

  • Keeper – How often do you want to log on and do something quickly but you can’t remember the password. Never again will you run into this issue. With this app you can keep your passwords in one place. Deeply encrypted this password keeper is safe and easy. It’s one of my favorite apps!
  • Hubdoc – Say goodbye to tedious data entry. It’s as simple as taking a picture, scanning receipts, or emailing documents. Hubdoc automatically converts receipts, bills, invoices, and statements into the data that’s needed. This efficient app allows you to quickly and easily import any data into your accounting software. Compatible with software such as Xero, QuickBooks Online, and Don’t worry about privacy as this app uses bank level encryption keeping all of you documents safe. Make your life simple, this is a huge time saver allowing you to access documents when and where ever you are. Most of my bookkeeping clients are using it!
  • TripLog – This phone app is a simple and easy way to track your mileage; a tedious task for most. This automated mileage tracker allows you to activate GPS tracking from any of your GPS Apps such as waze, google maps, apple maps etc. By activating the GPS tracking you are able to expense fuel cost. The app can also calculate what vehicle maintenance can be expensed based on travel reports. Don’t scramble for you vehicle logs at tax time, keep things simple and organized with this helpful mileage tracking app.


We know that running a small business is a big job unto itself. The day to day tasks can be time consuming and overwhelming. We hope that these apps can make your life just a little bit easier and help you get back to why you started your business in the first place. Leave the stress behind and start 2020 right!